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And the Dark Side's Light (Mystery Blogger Challenge)

The lovely and talented (and fellow Canadian) C. Lynn Richards nominated me for a five-question blog post challenge. I won't nominate anyone, but if you're moved to take on her questions and write your own piece I encourage it ... it was a lot of fun. And feel free to tag me if you share yours, I'd love to read along. Thanks again C. Lynn! For the nod and the motivation to get some writing done. First, three things about me: I'm afraid of heights; I can't play any musical instruments; White is my favourite colour, but I almost always wear black.  Q1.  What is your fondest memory of a place and why? It's funny but I was just packing the car for a weekend trip the other day and I had the most vivid and sentimental flashback to childhood days when my mother would have the car packed to the roof racks for weekends at our country summer home in Roman Valley. We (she and 4-5 kids loaded into a wood paneled station wagon) would pick Dad up from work an

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